Uprising and Homecoming: Middle Eastern Voices Project

The ‘Uprising and Homecoming:Middle Eastern Voices’ is an ambitious cultural relations project raising issues of diversity and democracy in the Middle East, and among people of Middle-Eastern origin in Sweden, using innovative street theatre performances.

Up to 5 percent of the Swedish population is estimated to have a Middle-Eastern background, including a wide range of different ethnic groups and exhibiting a wide range of religious adherences (or none). While the population has grown over recent decades, its ethnic and religious diversity is often underestimated. With huge, often violent, changes taking place across the Middle East and North Africa following the popular uprisings, the connections between communities in Sweden and in the Middle East are complex and changing rapidly, as are their aspirations and sense of home.

Minority Rights Group International and Swedish Postcode Lottery  developed this initiative to involve Swedish artistic talent with a Middle Eastern background, including producers, directors and actors, to help mentor and participate in some of the productions in selected countries under the project.