– Zamakan

Fanni Raghman Anni

Implementers: Fanni Raghman Anni (FRA)

Duration of the project: 10 months

start date: February 1, 2015

total budget: € 69,423.45

EU contribution: € 52,067.58


Zamakan is a new artistic and cultural experience that aims to conduct an academic research, an artistic training and the production and distribution of a street theatre performance in the Amazigh Berber regions of Tunisia. The project will support and train local talented youth and put together a group of experts from the Amazigh community with a specific focus on cultural and linguistic issues.

It is a project made by and for the Amazigh. It is a project about the Berber priestess Kahena, a historical leader. This is a project about the authenticity of the Tunisian identity, a project about Tunisia’s original language; it is a project about rehabilitation and thankfulness for the country.

Many of us want to change the reality of their communities: marginalized and neglected communities in which a large proportion of the population is deprived of their basic rights. For Fanni Raghman Anni, changing that reality is conditioned by fighting against all beliefs and affiliations that do not support the recognition of Tunisian identity and the roots of its culture.

زمكان : امازيغ


كثيرٌ منّا يرغب في تغيير الواقع الذي نعيشه والذي يحرم نسبة كبيرة من الناس من حقوقهم الأساسية في كثيرٍ من المناطق و المجتمعات المحرومة . ولن يتأتى تغيير هذا الواقع إلا بالعمل من اجل مناهضة كل المعتقدات التي لا و لم تمدّ لنا الثقة و يد المساعدة من اجل الاعتراف بهويتنا و تأصيل ثقافتنا

مقدّمة بسيطة نمررها نحن جمعية ‘’فني رغما عني” من اجل الإعلان عن بداية الغوص في تجربة جديدة بهدف اكتساح فني في اكبر عدد ممكن من المناطق البربرية الأمازيغية في تونس و ذلك عبر البحث العلمي / التدريب الفني / ثم الإنتاج و التوزيع

زمكان : هو المشروع الامازيغي بامتياز ، هو مشروع قائدتنا : الكاهنة البربرية ، هو مشروع اصالة الهوية التونسية ، مشروع لغتنا الاصلية ، هو مشروع رد الاعتبار الى ارضنا

نحن الابناء الاصليون لشمال افريقيا ، نحن البربر ، نحن الامازيغ ، نحن هنا

Fanni Raghman Anni (FRA) wFanni Raghman Annieants a Tunisia that everyone has contributed to build, without discrimination, exclusion and marginalisation. A country where rebellion and revolution are understood, and so are the paths, contexts and setbacks. A country that does not forget its organic and pulsing power. FRA emphasizes that the emerging, unfolding, active and new voices must be heard, regardless of the organisations they belong to, and of their gender and ways of existing. They are the voices that emerged, grew and contributed to ignite the spark of the uprising; the voices that reaffirmed their presence through audiovisual means with innovative and creative styles and tools that shed every sort of light on something that had been broken: marginalisation in all of its shapes. FRA believes that strategies advocating for human rights must rely on creativity and innovation and must bring about development and progress, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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