– Street Carnival Project (A space for art, dialogue and joy)

Workshop Multimedia Kom EL Deka Alexandrie Egypte

Implementers: El Madina for Performing and Digital Arts

Duration of the project: 10 months

Start date: February 1, 2015

Total budget: € 98,584.41

EU contribution: € 73,938.31


Street Carnival is highlighting the ability of the Nubian culture to integrate with the main Egyptian culture to overcome social challenges through street theatre performances, inspired by the Nubian culture’s richness and diversity. Street Carnival is working on training artists to produce a collaborative tour of thirty performances to be presented in ten Egyptian cities. The performances will tackle several social issues such as discrimination and sexual harassment against women. These performances aim to break prejudices, stereotypes, promote diversity and acceptance, and praise the overlap between the minority cultures and the main Egyptian culture. The project will ultimately encourage Nubian artists to promote their culture in wider communities and it will support 20 artists from Alexandria who will continue working with El Madina in future street theatre projects.

el Madina ArtsEl Madina works in arts and culture through training, production, cultural space management for supporting artists and youth initiatives. It also seeks to create a cultural market for artists in Alexandria, Egypt, as it is one of the main cultural cities in the Mediterranean. El Madina aims to transform public and marginalized areas to spaces where people can practice free expression and create a cohesive social environment characterized by diversity and pluralism. El Madina seeks to bring arts and culture to be an essential part of human life and one of the main parameters for sustainable human and social development, which are the determining factors for democracy, human rights and economic growth. El Madina targets the artists, youth groups and women from all different social and economic backgrounds.

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