– Jordan Valley, vulnerable stories


Implementers: ASHTAR and Jordan Valley Solidarity (JVS)

Duration of the project: 10 months

Start date: February 1, 2015

Total budget: € 89,715.79

EU contribution: € 67,286.84


The Jordan Valley (JV) in Palestine is under Israeli occupation, its people suffer from multiple layers of oppression. The management by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) of the situation has not relieved this oppression nor sufficiently promoted the chances for equity and development in the JV.

“Jordan Valley Vulnerable Stories” targets youth from these communities and trains them on theatre techniques to allow them to raise their voices through producing a street theatre play to depict their stories of oppression, passing the knowledge and skills of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) techniques in street performances. This youth group will be encouraged to cultivate and develop similar projects in the future. The show will be presented 20 times, in an effort to change the attitudes of the Palestinians in other areas of the West Bank and lobby for change of policies by the PNA.

Ashtar theatreASHTAR uses theatre as a medium to engage the individual’s mind, body and soul and reaches out to the masses with a positive force that helps establishing a democratic society, which accepts differences and respects gender equality. ASHTAR aims to participate in the education and the building of a free, creative, and progressive Palestinian citizen who is able to use critical thinking, express him/herself, accept others, tolerate differences and work for change on local and global level. ASHTAR contributes to the creation of a cultured social state through its theatre productions and training programs targeting the Palestinian society, especially the marginalized groups, in a manner that guarantees sustainability.

Jordan Valley SolidarityJordan Valley Solidarity campaign is a network of Palestinian grassroots community groups from all over the Jordan Valley and international supporters. Its aims are to protect Palestinian existence and the unique environment of the Jordan Valley by building international support and supporting communities on the ground. This includes monitoring, recording and aiming to prevent the abuse of Palestinian human rights by the Israeli occupation and settlers.

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