Racines association establishes a petition calling for free access to the public space in Morocco as part of DDD’s advocacy projects


In an effort to increase awareness on cultural issues and challenge discrimination against minorities, the Drama, Diversity and Development Project has been supporting a group of innovative advocacy projects in the Southern Mediterranean region. One of these projects is FADAE (Free Access and Diversity for All and Everyone) lead by Racines association in Morocco. Throughout the project, the group established a petition calling for free access to public space provided to different segments of the society, including artists, minorities, and collectives. According to the current Morrocan law, any organization or group that want to use the public space in Morocco, whether for a political action, demonstration, a sit-in, or an artistic performance is required to obtain an official authorization from the government. As many consider this law a limitation on public activity and freedom of access to public spaces, the project is aiming to challenge it in order to support cultural and artistic activities in the public. One of the channels the petition pictures this end goal being achieved is by having the government take the initiative to create and implement a safe and secure public space for groups that face discriminations and suffer from the lack of freedom of


The project sees the implementation of the new Morrocan constitution into practice in 2011, which allows citizens and associations’ to demand changes to the law via public organized petitions, as a chance to demand a change. In order for the petition to be taken into account, however, it has to attain at least 5.000 signatures before it can be handed to the secretary of the Prime Minister, who then will have two months to respond to it. The petition has also to be signed in person and handed with photocopies of the participants’ IDs. This petition will be the first case of participative democracy in Morocco if taken into account and implemented by the Moroccan government. In the case of the government’s failure to implement the demand of the signed petition, Racines plans to protest the decision as it will indicate a violation of the new constitution.




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