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Sabine Choucair, the Caravan project’s artistic director, invited to participate in The World Economic Forum in Davos

Sabine working with the children

The Drama, Diversity and Development project is pleased to announce that Sabine Choucair,  the Caravan project’s artistic director, was invited to participate in The World Economic Forum along with forty-nine other artists in Davos in January 2017. Choucair will be holding a workshop about clowning and storytelling, as well as giving a session about the Caravan project and how its methodology can be used to address refugee issues elsewhere. She will be also leading discussions at three other events about storytelling, cultural heritage and the power of play.

In a recent blog post sharing her feelings about the invitation, Choucair described: “If I think about it, I can’t really answer why the World Economic Forum, where more than 2,500 international political, business and other societal leaders gather every year to discuss the global economy, decided to invite me, a clown interested in stories! But they did, and I am thrilled. I’m happy because I will be able to “meet the other” in a way, happy that I got invited to something important“. She also talked about how people around her have been supportive and proud of her achievement, hoping that her efforts will “bring the much-needed change for improving the world“. Choucair added that her preparation process for the Forum included  “writing, brainstorming, discussing with family and friends“.

Choucair will be giving a one-hour theater workshop called “Dealing with loss,” where she is hoping to include clown games, storytelling, share a story from the Caravan project and lead a thoughtful discussion.  She will be also giving a 10-minute presentation on an adventure she had encountered and another 10-minute talk about the importance of play, in addition to taking part of a panel about ‘cultural heritage’. Choucair concluded saying: “the one thing I am really excited about is sharing the stories of beautiful encounters and of people I have met along the way. I truly believe that they are the ones that made and are still making my journey in life a very special one“.

Congratulations to Sabine and we wish her the best of luck!

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