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K’Art-Na Project Uses Street Theater to Address Racism and Discrimination Faced by the Black Community in Tunisia


While the Drama, Diversity and Development street theater projects’ journey nears its end, K’Art-Na is one of DDD’s ongoing projects that are still sharing the fruit of their hard work on the streets of the Southern Mediterranean region. With its compatible theater bus that can be converted into a theater space, the K’Art-Na project managed to tour various geographical areas in Southern Tunisia and other neighboring countries such as Algeria. The project aims at raising awareness about the discrimination faced by the black community in Tunisia and encouraging conversation around racial discrimination to further challenge the perception of inferiority towards black people.

K’Art-Na began performing on the streets of Tunisia on the 25th of September. By bringing together and training different artists with diverse backgrounds, the K’Art-Na project managed to create a new and mobile artistic group to demonstrate that street theater can stimulate a dialogue about the issue of racism and raise awareness within the Southern Tunisian community. K’Art-Na’s performance includes different theatrical forms such as Commedia Dell’arte, Visual Comedy, and Pantomime. After conducting a tour to different cities in Southern Tunisia, such as Medenine and Gabes, through K’Art-Na’s bus, the K’Art-Na project managed to travel to Algeria and perform there as well.

In addition to working towards raising awareness about the discrimination facing black minorities in the Tunisian society and other areas in the Southern Mediterranean region, K’Art-Na’s tour also aims to bring interactive cultural performances to areas that lack this kind of cultural activities or cultural and artistic organizations.

Here are more photos of K’Art-Na’s tour in Tunisia and Algeria:










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