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The Caravan’s Energy Continues with ‘The Caravan Goes to School’ Project!


Photo Credits: The Caravan Project


During its ten months span of working with Drama, Diversity and Development project,  ‘The Caravan and the World is Listening’ part of the Caravan project got the opportunity to tour throughout Lebanon and highlight Syrian refugees voices from West Bekaa refugees camp.  While the Caravan’s team work with the Drama, Diversity and Development project came to an end, its spirit did not. After performing their last performance of ‘The Caravan and the World is Listening’ and participating in Sfax Capital of Arab Culture festival 2016 in Tunisia, the Caravan team began preparing for ‘The Caravan Goes to School’ part of the Caravan project. ‘The Caravan Goes to School’ is part of UNICEF’s back to school campaign, #Ana_7ader, which aims at reaching communities where children are less likely to be enrolled in school to raise awareness about the importance of education for children.

The UNICEF reported around 180,000 Syrian and 50,000 Lebanese children to be unenrolled in school as of the beginning of this new school year. Similar to Caravan  ‘The and the World is Listening’ part of the project, ‘The Caravan Goes to School’ uses street theater as a creative and entertaining tool to encourage parents and children to think about the importance of education and to provide them with the needed information on how to enrol their children in school for this school year.

The performance tour, which began this past month, is based on six recorded stories addressing a range of topics such as marriage at an early age and how it affects girls’ education, the challenges facing the Lebanese school system, the economic and social costs of not getting an education, and the success stories of those who persisted to get an education and how it has changed their lives. The performances included a clown show, audios, puppetry, and music.

The Drama, Diversity and Development team is proud of all the accomplishments the Caravan project has been able to achieve and wishes them the best of luck in wrapping up the “The Caravan Goes to School”  part of the project.

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