Street Theater Projects

Villages’ Train

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Egyptian society is not free from sectarian and gender-based violence and its manifestation of discrimination and oppression. The “Villages’ Train” project aims to work with young men and women in seven villages in the Minya area, and will employ street theater to initiate a discussion about the multi-layered faces of sectarian violence and its manifestation of discrimination and oppressions. By establishing self-sustainable theater groups in these small villages, this project intends to create an initiative with the artistic tools and conceptual knowledge to discuss gender-based issues within a sectarian paradigm.


Implementing Organization:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.42.08 PMIKHTYAR provides an open space where researchers and activists meet to exchange ideas and discuss gender as a crosscutting topic, to develop an indigenous knowledge around gender and sexuality trends and dynamics. IKHTYAR aims to Stimulate critical thinking around the different topics related to gender studies through researches and studies, interactive activities, issuing specialized periodicals and an online library of resources in Arabic.


Misr Association for Development and Democracy is an association that works to promote a fair representation of the Christian minorities in Egypt.  Through advocating against inherited sectarian discrimination and violence, Misr Association aims to enhance understanding within the Egyptian society, encourage integration and  fight prejudices  sparked by religious fundamentalism.

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