Street Theater Projects

Launch of a Street Theatre Group of the Sinai Bedouin Minority

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Despite being considered as a part of the Egyptian national fabric, the Sinai Peninsula still differs from Egypt’s other regions by its isolation and segregation from the social and political realities in Egypt. The Egyptian revolution sparked on the 25th of June was a real opportunity for the Sinai Bedouins to protest their treatment as second-class citizens, call for the erection of a proper civil state that achieves equality for all Egyptians, and put forward their demands to end torture, discrimination, poverty and unemployment. This project seeks to create a street theatre group composed of Bedouin tribe members, to enable them to present Bedouin-related issues through peaceful means. This new theatre group will work on changing the perception of inferiority regarding the Sinai Bedouin minorities through theatre plays that will be performed in 5 large  Egyptian cities. Through these performances, this project will emphasize that Bedouins are simply Egyptian citizens.


Implementing Organizations:

Middle East Centre for Training and Consultation is a center that provides a set of training programs  and consulting services to individuals and organizations, to develop the capacities of these individuals and help them solve the problems and obstacles that hinder the performance of the individual and organizational development.

Women’s Group for Human Rights advocates for the equal and full participation of women in the different aspects of the Egyptian society, in order to live dignified lived and enjoy the value of human rights. It envisions a non-discriminatory and equitable society where women are respected and empowered economically, politically, socially and culturally.

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Marionette Foundation for Culture and Arts works to encourage innovation of cultural and artistic practices through   

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