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Drama, Diversity and Development Project Challenges Racism Through Street Theater​

Similar to other Drama, Diversity and Development projects, ‘Black is a Value’ will begin performing on the streets of Tunisia to highlight issues of racism faced by black Tunisian community. The preparation process of the project included workshops in dance, music and theater in what was labeled as the ‘Closed week Workshops’, visiting the Southern part of Tunisia to meet different artists and representatives of the black Tunisian community, conducting some research on the historical trends of slavery in Tunisia, performing in Tunisia’s Spring Festival 2016, and organizing different workshops with the lead of several pioneer artists and art professors.

On June 19, ‘Black is a Value’ team organized a press conference where representatives from various media broadcasters were invited to learn more about the project. The press conference was an opportunity for the group to talk about their project in depth and share the dates of their August performance. ‘Black is a Value’ will be starting its performance on the 8th of this month. The first week of August will be devoted to adding the last touches and finalizing the performance. Through this performance, ‘Black is a Value’ aims to support black Tunisians to value their cultural heritage, reject racist practices linked to social behavior, and enhance the abolishment of discriminatory practices and racism against black Tunisians.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.05.31 PM

Here is the schedule of Black is a Value show for the month of August:


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