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Theatre Day Productions Takes on the Streets of Gaza to Shed Light on Issues Faced by Gaza’s Bedouin Community

The Rectangle of Doubt 2016 Poster Edited.jpg

Theatre Day Productions, the implementing body of DDD’s ‘Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice’ project, will be sharing the fruit of their hard work for the past 7 months in the streets of Gaza starting from the 1st of August. After having spent a good part of 2016 working with the community of Um Al Nasser Bedouin Village in North Gaza, TDP will shed light on the issues faced by this community of discrimination and stigmatization in a performance called ‘In the Rectangle of Doubt’. This performance follows a Bedouin called Salem as he grows up in a place that appears to be cut from the rest of society.

The performance is a combination of various theatre styles, such as epic theatre techniques and farce elements. In addition, the performance integrates different musical effects into or in-between the play scenes like desert sounds and rhythms of Bedouin folk dance “Dahiyya”. The theater show starts with the actors breaking through the crowd  with humor and questions, sometimes using Bedouin words and speech intonation. The story represents Salem, a young boy growing up in Umm El Nasser Village. When Salem is six years old, he makes his first trip out of the village to register for school. Since the first trip he makes,  Salem starts slowly discovering the other world out of his village. The older Salem grows the more questions and doubts he has, as he gets to unpleasantly experience people’s attitudes towards him as a bedouin. Nevertheless, Salem decides to attend university and becomes an artist performing to all people. But, unfortunately, as soon as people know where Salem comes from, their attribute to Salem gets tainted with fear, disgust, and prejudice. This story reflects the reality Bedouins of Umm El Nasser village in the Gazan society.

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