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The Caravan’s performance tour throughout Lebanon to highlight Syrian refugees voices

More than a month has passed since the Caravan organized its press conference to announce its project’s tour schedule. The Caravan’s artistic team provided the many media representative who attended the conference with an in-depth preview of the project. The dates of the Caravan’s street theater tour were also announced during the press conference. The tour started on Tuesday, June 21 and will continue until July 23. The tour started with the first acting crew, which is composed of seven young men and a young woman from West Bekaa refugees camp. The group shared their stories through the Caravan performance in different Syrian refugees camps. The second acting crew, composed of professional Syrian actors, performed in areas where the camp team can’t perform at due to their residency status.

By creating a physical street performance to accompany the recordings, The Caravan hopes to put Syrian refugee voices at the heart of the performance, in order to amplify and serve the messages and stories that come from the refugee community; and reach thousands of audience in remote areas in Lebanon through a visually compelling and emotion provoking performance.

Here is the schedule of the Caravan’s tour between July and June 2016: 


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