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Bringing Street Theater to Areas Lacking Cultural Activities: The K’Art-Na Project

After conducting a tour to different cities in Southern Tunisia through K’Art-Na’s bus, the second stage of the K’Art-Na project included organizing different training sessions for youth from various areas in Southern Tunisia on street theater techniques. The earlier bus tour of theater performances covering various geographical areas in Southern Tunisia attempted to raise awareness about discrimination facing black minorities in  the Tunisian society. The tour also aimed to bring interactive cultural performances to areas that lack this kind of cultural activities or cultural and artistic organizations. Similarly, the arranged workshops strived to make theater and art accessible to youth who live in isolated areas through providing them with the needed training and guidance.


The workshops included trainings on different theatrical forms such as Commedia Dell’arte, Visual Comedy and Pantomime. The workshops were held in Medenine for six days starting from Sunday 24th of April to Friday the 29th of April, at the Center of Dramatic and Scenic Arts of Medenine. These workshops aimed to strengthen the capabilities and skills of the youth participating in the event, in order to enhance the value of street theater as a tool for societal change. The established performance as a result of these workshops was later presented in the streets of different cities and towns in Southern Tunisia.

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