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‘In the Rectangle of Doubt’ performance tryout:Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice Project.

After conducting a community research in Um-Al Nasser village, which provided the actors and artistic team of ‘Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice’ project  with the required understanding of Um-Al Nasser’s community, the group has begun with great enthusiasm its rehearsal process in preparation for the project’s final performance. The conducted research provided the potential actors from TDP’s acting trainees and volunteers from Um Al-Nasser’s community with the needed inspiration for their improvisation training, in order to start preparing for the project’s final performance which will carry the title of ‘In the Rectangle of Doubt’.


The team started this month with intensive rehearsals of the project’s street performance, in preparation for a tryout event that they planned to have later in June. During this process, the division of roles and characters between actors were decided and finalized,  including  the roles to be taken during the post-performance discussions.


TDP’s directors took the rehearsals as an opportunity to provide the actors with the needed feedback and precise directing notes on their performance, as they believe that the multi-styles nature of the play needs a lot of concentration and efforts from the actors.

The purpose of the tryout was to see how people would perceive and react  to the rehearsed performance. The project invited a small group of individuals including senior officials from Um- Al Nasser village to attend the tryout,  in addition to the parents of the actors, trainees and graduates of TDP’s 3-years curriculum program. The tryout was a great opportunity for the actors to perform their play for the first time in front of an audience and hear their reaction, as a circle of discussion followed the performance. Though the performance wasn’t in an open-air location, the group performed in TDP’s theater, which was prepared to be similar to how it will look like if the group was to perform in an open space.


The heated discussion that took place after the tryout performance was a proof that the group succeeded in provoking the audience, by talking openly about discrimination against Bedouins and concluding that they deserve a better life just like everyone else. The group is to start performing in the streets of Gaza by the beginning of August.

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