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DDD’s Progress for the Past Two Weeks!


This photo was taken during the opening ceremony of  Lang’Art’s new cultural space on the 9th of April. Lang’Art is one of the implementing organizations of DDD’s ‘Black is a Value’ project. The opening ceremony took place with an audience of individuals who support  the work performed by the center. During the ceremony, Bahri Ben Yahmed, the director of Lang’Art, introduced ‘Black is a value’ to the audience as Lang’Art’s main project for next year. The ceremony included a piece of performance by the center’s artists and actors,  of whom 12 students will take part of  the final street theater performance of the ‘Black is a Value’ project. The upcoming stage for  ‘Black is a value’ will focus on conducting a research on the historical trends of slavery in Tunisia, which will eventually be represented in the Tunisian Parliament as a preliminary report, in order to support black Tunisians to value their cultural heritage, reject racist practices linked to social behavior, and enhance the abolishment of discriminatory practices and racism against black Tunisians. To view more photos.



Photo from ‘K’Art-Na’ project’s tour to different cities in Tunisia.  The ‘K’Art-Na’ project consists of a bus tour of theater performances covering various geographical areas in Southern Tunisia, in an attempt to raise awareness about discrimination against black minorities in Tunisia. The tour was also an attempt to bring an interactive cultural performance to areas that lack this kind of cultural activities or cultural and artistic organizations. The performances were presented to school students and residents from these areas through  K’Art-Na’s bus, which was converted into an equipped stage to become an encouraging environment that reaches the public in order to create communication, dialogue, and interaction.   The upcoming stage of  ‘K’Art-Na’ project will include training sessions about street theater techniques for youth in different areas in Southern Tunisia. To view more photos.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.51.31 PM.png

As shown in this photo, the last two weeks presented the last week of drama workshops for young girls and boys, as part of ‘Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice’ project. During these workshops, the ideas and stories of Bedouin children in Um Al-Naser village were transformed to creative drama scenes that show Bedouin life from the perspective of the children. Different scene created by the children, discussions took place between acting and non-acting students, and the audience (Bedouin women, non- Bedouin women, teachers, the school headmistress, and the school counselor). The performances by the participating children along with the discussions that took place raised the issues of discrimination against Bedouin community and the limitation placed on Bedouin women and men. The upcoming weeks for ‘Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice’ project will include starting a community research in Um-Alnaser village, which will provide actors and artistic team of the project the required understanding of the community to plan their performance. It will also provide the needed inspiration for the  improvisation process with potential actors from  TDP’s acting trainees and volunteers from Um Al-Nasser’s community.  To view more photos.

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