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Closed Week Workshops: Black is a Value Project


Three weeks ago, Black is a Value  launched the first part of its project working with dancers from Lang’Art training center for street arts. This included workshops in dance, music and theater in what was labeled as the ‘Closed Week Workshops’. The week first started with a presentation about the project and its aim. Later on,  the dancers from the center were divided into three groups working each in different workshops for three days. Towards the end of the week, the three groups worked on a joint performance that assembled issues of sexism, racism, and identity.  On the 7th day of the ‘Closed Week Workshops’, the students performed their joint piece to an audience that included a group of Tunisian artists and musicians.   The workshops, that lasted for a week, aimed to provide the students of the center with the needed training, which will further allow 12 students of them to take part of the final street theater performance of the project.


After the ‘Closed week Workshop’, the group visited the Southern part of Tunisia in an attempt to learn about Tunisia’s black community and get introduced to the history of slavery in Tunisia.The visit included educational workshops from black pioneers and artist to introduce the student to the black community and culture. The group got the opportunity to interact with different members of the community as well.  One of the sites that were visited during the trip was Jarrah’s Market, which is known to be the last slaves market in Tunisia. Through the technique of street theater, Black is a Value aims to promote the principle of mutual respect and coexistence among all groups of the Tunisian society and encourage the elimination of all practices and forms of discrimination  on the basis of color in Tunisia. In addition, the performance will be influenced by ceremonial and ritual forms of black Tunisian culture.

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