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Two Weeks of Activity: Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice Project

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As part of Drama, Diversity and Development project, Theater Day Productions Organization implemented four drama workshops with children and youth from Um Al-Nasser  Bedouin village in the North Region of the Gaza Strip, in the period of March 20th to 31st. The workshops were divided into two drama workshops for Bedouin boys and teens and two other drama workshops for bedouin girls and teens, all aged between 8 to 16. A total of 56 young girls and boys had participated in this two weeks of activity.  The workshops were later followed by two presentations, which included acted scenes by the participating children, to an audience – mostly women; Bedouins and non-Bedouins, with some men.  The topic of the presentations was the issue of violence and non-acceptance between Bedouins and non-Bedouins in the Gazan community. In the discussion that took place after the presentation, almost all the parents in the audience agreed with the importance of the issue and the necessity of presenting these scenes in the village’s school, where all the participants of the workshops study.  

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Working closely with the boys, girls, teens and women in Um Al-Nasser community center hall, which was upgraded by TDP in the framework of the DDD projects, has inspired a new  play that holds their stories, ideas, imagination, and ambitions. This play will be widely performed throughout Gaza Strip later on as part of  Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice project.

To read more about  Young Stories of Bedouin Life and Prejudice project.


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