Street Theatre News

Edward Muallem talks on Al-Horra about ASHTAR’s performances in Ramallah and citizenship

During this month, ASHTAR group has held in Ramallah multiple street theatre performances to advocate for the rights of marginalized communities, living in rural areas, in Palestine. Using an interactive and thought-provoking format, each scene re-enacting forms of discrimination ended with direct questions to the public about possible actions to tackle particular problems. In an interview on Al-Horra channel, artist and group director Edward Muallem affirmed the importance of using the “theatre of the Oppressed” to shed light on Palestinian communities who remain largely marginalized and ignored. Commenting on the format of the performance, Edward Muallem explained the ways in which interactive format in theatre serve to communicate the responsibility of the audience to become an active member of their society by challenging their attention and actions to important issues of marginalization within their societies. To watch the full version of the interview, please use the link below:

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